Traditional Greek Restaurant

"Galera" tavern is a "small" family run restaurant  situated just on the beach in the popular fishing village Lithi, in the southwest part of the Chios island. Our tavern is open all year round and is the ideal choice both for light snack and delicious and nourishing dinner. Decorated in the typical Greek style, the restaurant consists of internal hall and external terrace with spectacular view of the Lithi bay and port.

All of our meals which offer are always prepared by the freshest vegetables on the local market, and the fish and sea food are provided every day by the fishermen according the season.

Our main dishes are fresh fish and sea food, and the recipes are based on the world famous “Mediterranean diet” including the so-called Holly Trinity of the Mediterranean cuisine: olives, olive oil and oregano.

Our pride are the rich and plentiful salads, and the assortment also includes a big variety of tempting starters and dips, called “ouzomezedes”. Every day we prepare traditional greek home-made dishes and after all you will be surprised from a bit of tasty homemade sweet for free.

Because of the love that we prepare with every single dish you will fully satisfied in the Galera Tavern. Here we guarantee a lot of sea breeze, sea flavor and irresistible smell of the just cooked food, served with a smile..